Hi! I am Sahejveer singh

Greetings everyone. I am Sahejveer singh from Indore, India. This website contains all my achievements and accomplishments. I am currently pursuing my class 12th ( final year of high school ) from one of the most prestigious schools of India "The Daly College" . I love academics and I proved it by scoring a perfect 10 CGPA grade point in Class 10th. I opted for physics, chemistry, maths, web technology and English for the last two years of my school education. In class 11th, physics and web technology proved to be my strong points and I scored 80% in both of them. I didn't perform exceptionally in class 11th because of some of my health issues. Apart from being good in academics, my passion lies in Music. I love playing piano. I have completed grade 2 of professional piano from Trinity college of London and am on track to complete my 5th grade by the December of 2017. I am also an avid debater and Munner.  I love Model united nations as politics is one of my favorite subjects. I have performed well in all my debates and Mun's and have won awards in most of them. I also love to do programming and have completed my honours diploma in C/C++ with excellent performance. All of my certificates will be posted on the achievements page (do check it out). Apart from all this, I have taken part in various workshops on various topics like robotics, iken scientifica etc. I have also developed various websites ( links in the achievements page)which are listed on google AdSense programme. I love helping the needed, I regularly visit my nearest ngo's and provide them with anything they need. I volunteer in various non profit ventures and do try to give them my all. I have a decent social presence with around 1000 followers on twitter and 500 followers on Instagram. I am a huge fan of rap music and cricket and have met with many celebrities who have also helped me in my mission of helping the needful one's. You can check out my pictures with them in the picture gallery.